Here at Vancouver Montessori, we are happy to provide recommendations for services that we do not offer on-site. On this page, you can find this broken down by specialty. Check back as we update this page to offer you more recommendations from our community and beyond.

Speech Therapy

What does an SLP do?

Evergreen Therapy Connections, LLC (ETC) is a local health care company that provides screenings, consultations, evaluations and therapy for communication disorders in Clark County. Licensed and credentialed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) work with school-age children who have communication problems that affect success in classroom activities, social interaction, and learning. These may include: language • voice • fluency or stuttering • articulation • literacy.

Examples include:

● Slow development of vocabulary, concepts or grammar
● Inability to use different communication styles for different situations
● Poor building blocks of understanding/expressing ideas
● Social development
● Learning
● Reading and Writing

Evergreen Therapy Connections offers free developmental screenings for children birth to five years old. You can find a developmental milestone download here. Other services vary across across settings, and you can learn more by downloading a printable flyer here.