We are thankful to have started our experience at VMS in the toddler program. The engaging and nurturing environment of the Honeysuckle classroom helped our son develop practical life skills such as toilet learning, dressing, and how to be a respectful, empathetic member of a community. Montessori has been a perfect fit for him and has contributed greatly to his independence. Having now transitioned to the Children’s House, we are in awe of the intentionality and personalization behind each work and lesson and love seeing our child grow his love for learning. We look forward to our youngest attending VMS as well!

The Brown Family

Our daughter Nuala has been at Vancouver Montessori for 9 months now. She sets a high bar for being engaged and she is genuinely content to go to school everyday. I think this is because Vancouver Montessori encourages her to be her wild and wonderful self, follow her curiosity, and learn how to be part of a cooperative community – all at the same time! The focus on independence and pragmatic skills is a great fit for her and we are happy to have a happy kid who is thriving in school. The staff are warm and communicative and make a concerted effort to provide a place of community for the kids and their families.

The Romansic Family