Practical Life

Care of oneself and the classroom environment works toward a developing sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence.

Activities Include:

  • Polishing (care of the environment/fine motor development)
  • Pouring (increased motor control)
  • Table Washing (logical sequencing of steps)


Development of all the senses; utilizing eye/hand coordination for making solid brain connections.

Activities Include:

  • Knobbed cylinders (visual discrimination- size)
  • Pink Tower (visual discrimination- large/small)
  • Brown Stair (visual discrimination- thick/thin)
  • Bells (auditory discrimination- tone/pitch)


From oral language to written words, language is incorporated into every part of the classroom environment.

Activities Include:

  • Sandpaper Letters (tactile sound/symbol recognition)
  • Sound Game (auditory training)
  • The Farm (function of words)


Progressing from concrete to abstract math concepts; true understanding of quantities and their interactions is gained.

Activities Include:

  • Number Rods (1-10 counting practice)
  • Golden Beads (introduction to decimal system)
  • Stamp Game (abstract decimal representation)

Cultural and Science

Botany, zoology, geography, art expression, music & movement are all important extensions of the classroom.

Activities Include:

  • Puzzle Maps (continent/country recognition)
  • Geography Folders (cultural geography exploration)