The Vancouver Montessori School Primary program is a three year sequentially designed preschool program based on the natural development of the child. Young children under age six, experience predictable periods of change, both cognitively and socially. The academic materials presented, are designed to stimulate a child’s senses as well as respond to their need for order and a sense of mastery of their world.

The first year the child begins the adaptation to the prepared preschool environment. The child will be presented lessons developing skills in concentration, sequencing, attention span, memory skills, auditory and visual discrimination, coordination, language and socialization. The first year lays a strong foundation for all academic skills presented in years two and three.

The second year the child begins working more in depth with letters and numbers and begins the writing process. The passageway to abstraction begins to unfold.

The third year brings fruition from the first two. Each child, at his or her own level, develops beginning reading, writing and math skills. The child becomes confident and conscious of his/her own knowledge.

Dedicated to fostering: confidence, independence, compassion and natural curiosity

While supporting: cultural awareness, critical thinking and academic joy

Our classrooms are designed to encourage a child’s need to explore and learn through their senses and to feel an important part of their own community. Graceful and courteous interactions are foundational aspects of a Montessori classroom. Children have the freedom to move about and choose to work with materials to which they have been introduced, knowing that their concentration and work space will be respected by others. One hallmark of Montessori education is this hands-on, sensorial approach to learning. Students are presented lessons by the teacher and then work with the given material until they master it and are ready for the next step.