Montessori At Home: Toilet Training

Learning to use the toilet is one of the many major milestones in childhood. For children and parents, it is a process of building on experiences, skills and successes. When viewed as a collaborative partnership between children and their caregivers, this process becomes a rewarding and natural aspect of daily routines.

When children begin walking, one of the areas they are most eager to explore is the bathroom. Around this same time, they are becoming more conscious of when they pee or poop. This is an ideal time to begin the process of learning to use the toilet. Children who wear cloth diapers/underwear receive the immediate feedback of being uncomfortable when they are wet or soiled, which allows them to be much more successful. Commercial diapers/pull ups keep moisture away from their skin; children can feel very comfortable for many hours. The most ideal clothing for the toilet learning process is pull over shirts and pants with elastic at the waist. Children thrive when they are able to be as independent as possible.