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Montessori Preschool - Laundry Work

Dr. Montessori observed young children want to learn the tasks they saw the adults doing everyday. She saw that the children wanted to learn the skills and repeat them often. This was different from what the adults were doing in getting something done efficiently. They often practice and practice a skill till they feel satisfied. The practical life activities are an important part of the classroom that help the children develop their independence. The work in the practical life area helps the children practice skills for caring for themselves with dressing frames, hand washing, spooning, pouring, washing boots and button sewing. They also have many opportunities to practice caring for the environment through sweeping, washing lots of different things, polishing different objects and much more. Most of this work uses cloths and towels. Each is a different color to match the work. When you help us with laundry you are helping the children practice and perfect their skills. You don’t have to fold the cloths or towels. The children love folding laundry and putting it away. We are so appreciative to have the help. The next time you bring laundry home you can ask your child what this cloth or towel is used for. They might enjoy putting it in the washing machine and possibly tell you more things about their day or our classroom.

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