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The staff at Vancouver Montessori School is made up of dedicated individuals from a broad range of educational and professional backgrounds. Our teachers approach education with the development of the individual needs of each child in mind. Our lead teachers and administrator are all AMI/AMS  certified and trained in the Montessori philosophy, child development, and curriculum. The experience and dedication of our staff contributes to making Vancouver Montessori School a community where children flourish.



Center Director

Lisa was born in Baltimore MD, but quickly migrated west as a young child when her father moved the family to California so he could finish medical school.   Lisa and her sister were Montessori hippy children in the 70’s, which was where she developed her love of Montessori.  After living in Santa Cruz for most of her teen years, Lisa moved to the Santa Rosa area, where she went to work at her old Montessori School as an aftercare teacher.  While there, Lisa was excited to be asked to work in the classroom during the summer program.  She loved the experience so much that Lisa jumped into the AMS training program that started in the fall.  In June of 1990 she not only graduated with her AMS credential, but finished college as well.

After that Lisa went to work in several Montessori schools, eventually making her way to Oregon as a director.  It was here that Lisa met and married the father of her two children.  He and Lisa eventually settled in Hood River, having purchased a snow-board shop.  During their time there, Lisa went to work in the only preschool in town, which was a cooperative.  It was a great experience working so closely with parents as they navigated the classroom as her “assistants”.   The experience helped cement Lisa’s belief in Montessori and how well it works with children.

Since then, in the 26 years Lisa has been a Montessorian, she have graduated over 150 children and parents, as well as worked to raise her own.  It was while her children were in elementary school, that Lisa came to realize that she did her greatest good working outside of the classroom-mentoring new teachers, creating new programs and supporting the Montessori Method as a director.


Assistant Director

Trisha knew from a young age that she would dedicate her life to serving youth. Soon after graduating high school, she had 3 children of her own. Through her adult life, she held many roles working with children. From working in the public school system, to owning a daycare of her own, she has worked with youth in many capacities.

She came to VMS in 2017 as an assistant, with many years in childcare under her belt. Working in the VMS classroom cemented her belief in the Montessori Method. Since then, she has taken on the position of Assistant Director. As an administrator, she not only brings her administration skills, but her obvious love for working with children.

Trisha graduated from Grand Canyon University this past year, and holds a Bachelor of Education. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and friends.

Support Staff


Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Portland and Vancouver, Madison joined Vancouver Montessori in August of 2019. After graduation, she plans to go to Washington State University, where she will minor in ASL and major in teaching. She is fluent in ASL having an older sister who was born deaf. She draws some of her experience with youth having 9 siblings: 3 brothers and 6 sisters. Her hobbies include track, reading books and drinking hot tea.


Originally from California, Jonathan has been working in education for the past 12 years. He started off in K-12 public education working as a paraprofessional in both special education and in the general student populations. His Montessori journey at the preschool level began 3 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico and he has loved it ever since! Jonathan enjoys playing and listening to music, hiking, cooking and is always down to learn something new. He feels honored to see the children grow and become fascinated with our wonderful world.


Jason worked at Vancouver Montessori School while in high school. He loved the Montessori Method so much that when his daughter Brooklynn was a year old, he came back to work. Brooklynn is in the Sunflower classroom and will graduate this year. When not at work he likes to spend time with Brooklynn, and he likes to play soccer.


Growing up in the military, Wendy has had the opportunities of living in Alaska, Hawaii and her favorite place, Madrid, Spain.  Living in Spain gave Wendy a step up at a very early age to learn how to speak Spanish, allowing her to embrace her family heritage.   She really enjoys speaking Spanish to children at her previous private schools she has been employed at in expanding her little one’s vocabulary at a young age.  She looks forward to doing the same here at Vancouver Montessori, she feels blessed to be working here.  Wendy has worked with children at different private schools for over 15 years aside from raising three children of her own.

Wendy had three grown children, one daughter and two sons who are currently living on the East Coast.  As far as her interest, she loves walking, Kayaking, hiking beautiful trails, enjoys taking in the sun whenever possible.  After Covid-19, she looks forwarding to taking ballroom dance classes along with some salsa classes, too!  

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