Montessori at Home: Child Friendly Kitchen

Setting up your kitchen to be child friendly is an easy way to help your child gain more confidence and independence while supporting the family needs.  Naturally, your children want to help you and play an active role in making meals.    With a little bit of your help and a few inexpensive tools, you can help your child successfully navigate the kitchen.

A child friendly kitchen can include:

  • A low table and chair for eating or working at. This allows the child to easily get in and out of their chairs without assistance.
  • Low shelf equipped with dishes, cups, silverware. Designating a shelf or area in your pantry allows your child to gain more independence and take an active part in their own meal preparation.
  • Add a low shelf in the refrigerator with prepared snacks, and drinks. While this might take a little more prep work on your side, your child well enjoy being able to choose what they would like to eat.  Make sure to prepare healthy snacks, such as hummus and carrots, pre-cut fruit or vegetables, etc.  This helps to build a strong foundation for healthy eating habits later.
  • Demonstrate the proper way to hold and use utensils. Keep words to a minimum so that your child can concentrate on your actions. Introduce tools and techniques one at a time and give your child time to master each skill.

With a little preparation and insightful thinking you can turn any kitchen into a kid- friendly area!  Not only will they enjoy more freedom in taking charge on their own eating habits, there are also gaining valuable skills that will last them a life time.