Daily Routines

Routines are a very important part of the learning experience at any Montessori school. Please see below for each of the schedules, both for Toddler and Primary classrooms.

Toddler Daily Schedule

7:30- 8:15            Before school care/ breakfast available in Jasmine  Classroom

8:15-8:30             Toddler Drop-off in classroom

8:30-11:00           Morning work cycle

9:00-9:15            Snack in Jasmine Classroom

9:15-9:30            Snack in Honeysuckle Room

8:30-9:15            Outdoor play Honeysuckle Classroom

9:15-10:00          Outdoor Play Jasmine Classroom

11:00-11:45        Lunch (includes lunch prep with children from 11-11:15)

12:00                   Half-day dismissal

12:15-2:15           Rest as needed

2:15-2:30            Snack available

2:30-2:45           Afternoon Dismissal

2:45-5:00          Classrooms combine for aftercare activities/ classroom work available/ outdoor play

Primary Daily Schedule

7:30- 7:45            Before school care/ breakfast in Wisteria Classroom.

7:45- 8:00            Before school care/ no breakfast available

8:00-8:15             Primary Drop-Off: Car drop available

  • Lavender and Sunflower on the playparks
  • Wisteria, Lilac and Sweet Pea in the classroom

8:00-11:00           3 Hour Work Cycle begins- includes morning snack

11:00-11:30        Wisteria, Sweet Pea and Lilac on the playparks

11:30-12:15        Lunch-includes lunch preparation

12:15-12:30        Lunch Clean-up

12:30                   Half day pick up

12:30-12:45        Classrooms prepare for afternoon work and naptime

12:45- 1:15         Older students on the Playpark/ younger children begin rest

1:15-2:45             Afternoon Work Cycle

2:45-3:00             Afternoon Dismissal in your child’s classroom

3:00- 5:00           Aftercare available